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“Feel a breath of new life.” Feel rejuvenated with each breath of fresh purified air. 100% pollutant free. Click here to contribute to a greener Earth. With every purchase, we give back to build a less polluted home. We travel to beautiful mountains & lush lakes all over Canada to bring you the purest air.
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Every Purchase of yours Contributes Directly to the Nature
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What is Airy Affair

Do you remember the last time you took a breath of fresh clean air?

Pure clean air has become a dying luxury in today’s polluted world.

With our state of the art technology, Airy Affair is able to bring its customers the cleanest,
freshest, and purest air from Canada’s lushest mountains so they can enjoy clean air
wherever and whenever they want.

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Airy Affair has been providing its customers with clean, pure, and fresh air and oxygen.
Our products are perfect for any situation, whether you are tired of breathing dirty air or you
simply want to improve your athleticism, or you’re a avid mountaineer,
our air is guaranteed to satisfy you.

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Our Commitment

We are more than a company solving key environmental issues in innovative ways, alongside providing groundbreaking and high-quality air & oxygen products, we pledge to contribute to the environment with every purchase. Buy your air cans online today and help give back!

Help us make the Earth a greener home for our future generations.

  • We plant trees
  • We use sustainable technology & 100% recyclable material.
  • We donate back to our communities
  • We educate future generations
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Why Choose Airy Affair?

1100% Pure and Premium Canadian Mountain Air
Our air is extracted from one of the cleanest environments in the world. Canada’s mountains are home to the world’s most pristine peaks and forests. We travel through these beautiful terrains to supply you & your loved ones with the purest and freshest air for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home. Try our air cans for yourself and see!
2Our Technology
Using innovative cold press compression technology, we fill individual containers directly on location to ensure you receive the same exact air that is naturally produced in the mountains. Our air is captured using medical grade equipment and our team’s quality control is world class. Our methods guarantee that every Airy Affair product which you purchase is of the highest quality. Our technology guarantees the best quality product. Buy your oxygen & air cans online today and see for yourself.
3Contribution to Nature
With every purchase of an Airy Affair product, we will give back to the environment by working alongside environmental NGOs to build a more sustainable earth by planting our own trees.
4Environment Friendly products
Just in case we forgot to mention, all of our products are 100% recyclable and contain no CFC, propellants, and also comes in eco-friendly packaging. After all, we stand by our commitment to protect our home!
5Quality tested
When our air is captured, it is immediately quality tested on site to ensure air purity and quality. The highest standard is the only standard that we accept. Your air is then transferred to smaller canisters and sent to our facility before being shipped out to you. Throughout this whole process we will guarantee your air is clean and fresh. Order your air and oxygen cans today to experience it yourself!
6Competitive Prices
Here’s the best part of the deal, when you purchase an Airy Affair product you’re not only getting the highest quality of air, but you are also getting it an unbeatable price! And don’t forget, which each purchase we contribute directly to the environment.

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